About us

Mission vision, goals

  1. Mission
    The care and attention to good acoustics in public space.
  2. Vision
    We like to be the leader in the acoustic industry, so we focus on the further development, while placing more and more demands on the field of technology, quality and design.
  3. Objective
    Providing the best in terms of technology, quality and design feature, acoustic products and services in order to improve the quality of life.


Yellow Acoustic is a brand of wall and ceiling panels, the panels and acoustical. Our product portfolio includes products dedicated to public, institutional as airports, railway stations, concert halls, theaters, cinemas, office buildings, hotels, universities, academic campuses, fairs and sporting facilities. We are looking for new solutions, not just technological, but also the products itself, we are constantly developing product groups. Everything is an element of deliberate decisions and actions. Therefore, with the greatest attention we choose natural materials and refine every detail. We want our customers to have access to the highest quality products, designed according to the latest global trends and excellent acoustic performance.
Yellow Acoustic works closely with architects, because every technological solution or product is assessed by befriended architectural offices.

The value of the brand

  1. Acoustic technology - We are specialists in acoustic – we construct acoustical for individual realizations.
  2. Polish brand - Consumers attach importance to native products. Yellow Acousitc is 100% Polish product.
  3. Flexibility brand - design your own panel – both extensive range of external cladding: types, colors, patterns and types of perforations creates opportunities to architects or designers could get to demonstrate inventiveness.
  4. The dynamics of brand - short response time to changes and unforeseen events during the execution of the order, to receive the order, signed a contract, emergency situations and any other for which the key is speed of response.
  5. Taking care of the interests of customers brand - buying as much as you need, do not buy the cost – value for contractors. In opposition to foreign brands, which force things, they are not able to offer this value.


The success of our company consist of the efforts of all employees. It is thanks to their professionalism, commitment, and ability to cooperate with the team members that allow us to achieve the goals. Each person brings something new to the company: knowledge, experience, new ideas. Our goal is to create optimal working conditions in which the potential of each employee will be best utilized.  According to the philosophy adopted by us, it is the human potential what is the basis for our success.