Research & development

We are looking for new solutions, not just technological, but also the products itself, so we turn to our regular offers another interesting useage of sound. As we are enthusiasts we want the world to be a better place and people’s lives to be more comfortable. Therefore, with the greatest attention we choose natural materials and refine every detail. We want our customers to have access to the highest quality products, designed according to the latest global trends and a good correlation for money.


Necessity is the mother of the invention. Aesthetics need to design

Briefly, each project starts with an interesting idea or is conditioned by the need to implemented object. Many of our solutions, not only acoustic, at its nucleus were the designs of acoustic claddings and decoratives at the facility. Beginning with installation (speed and ease of installation), types of acoustic panels and decoratives, and offer complementary systems (inspection systems, lighting, hinged door – the synergy effect),  all these are elements of deliberate decisions and actions aimed at creating aesthetic and acoustically friendly public spaces. The projects are the result of many years of experience in the production of thoughtful interior design solutions.

Technological solutions

The creation of new solutions involves all departments of the company: purchasing, sales, production, marketing of the board. Each department has an impact on the final appearance, properties and suitability of the product. New solutions are not only those visible,  above all what can be seen at first glance are innovative cladding textures (stone, metal surfaces, concrete, laminate structural fabric panels, 3D). The new system solutions (installation, inspection systems, lighting) perforations, increasing range of perforations, the possibility of perforation patterns - it all is quaranteed for each client.

The assessment of fitness solutions

Yellow Acoustic works closely with architects because every technological solution or product is assessed by befriended architectural offices. Aesthetics and quality are the most importan featurest but the evaluation touches not only the aesthetics of the product, but also the technical side of it.

Technological tests

Each newly invented solution passes through a series of tests: endurance, assembly, quality, aesthetic. After refining all the details for the exact solution arises the technical documentation which will be needed for further attestation by an accredited laboratory.


The final stage with the introduction of solutions to the offer are their respective certificates: fire classification, durability, hygiene and acoustic. After the entire path of research and its positive results, solutions fall into the company’s offer. Architects are notified of positive results and applicability of the products in their projects.